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A lovely look with easy coverage

Mohajer production group has decided to choose a simple design for the convenience and ease of covering the products for you, dear customers, and use the distinctiveness of the product in the use of materials.


Creative look

Creativity is the ability to create something new.

Appearance beauty and real charm have always been pleasing to the eye

Mohajer production group has started producing unique products for your shine by using different and creative materials.

beautiful design

In today’s world, clothing is life-enhancing and like anything that feels satisfying, it’s worth doing well.

According to this theory, Mohajer Production Group has tried its best to provide products that meet your needs with unique designs and according to different tastes.

The purpose of the migrant hijab

  • Supporting national productions
  • best quality
  • The price is right

Buying Iranian goods is a national pride Mohajer Production Group intends to support domestic and economic production by unquestioningly supporting the national product, in order to avoid problems such as youth unemployment, destruction of job opportunities, non-compliance with tax and customs laws, and increase in oil exports. and prevent raw materials. And it should be mentioned that only by consuming foreign goods, the unemployment of several millions of Iranian youths, workers and the damage caused to their families will also increase.

Quality is a sign of merit and you deserve a beautiful cover.


Every business relies on product quality control, human capital, data accuracy and reputation to grow.


Quality means creating a customer perspective in every aspect of a product from design to final recycling.

Join us to make your dreams come true


Mohajer Production Group, in addition to supporting national productions and high quality products, intends to be present in the competitive market in the field of sales and cost estimation in such a way that according to the economic conditions, households can easily buy what suits them. .


Beautiful design and creative appearance with high quality and reasonable price = your satisfaction, dear fellow countryman

ساقدست بچگانه

child’s leg

ساقدست نگین دار

jeweled leg

ساقدست ساده

 Simple leg

طلق حجاب

hijab divorce

شال و روسری

Shawls and scarves





لباس زیر.

under wear

جوراب زناته

Women’s socks

جوراب مردانه

Men’s socks



Gem production with general design

Mohajer production group has prepared an archive so that you can easily place your order from among these designs.

Registering a request for assembly of immigrant products with custom gems

Mohajer production group in this department intends to activate the product assembly department to make your work easier

Production line of thermal gems

Production of all kinds of thermal gems suitable for tents, scarves, leggings, gowns, socks, slippers, etc., in a variety of designs.

Gem production with your desired design

Soon, in this section, it intends to provide conditions for you, dear customers, to produce your orders according to your desired design.

Customers comments

calculate the expense

After sending the order registration, the sales unit will send you a proforma invoice.

Design your idea

Mohajer production group is planning to get help from your ideas in the field of producing decorative gems on products in the near future, so that you can see what is in your creative mind.

free consultation

Mohajer's sales team is ready to provide advice before buying a product, suitable for your sales market.

Fast delivery

The delivery time of orders is between one to seven working days from the time of order registration and sending the deposit slip to the immigration registration unit.

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    Mohajer production group is a production group in the field of hijab and clothing products that has started its activity since 2012. This production group is in the field of: • Production of thermal jewels of hijab products, including all types of simple and formal gowns for women and children, women’s and men’s socks, women’s slippers, women’s gloves, masks and scarves, hijab covers and undergarments, for sale. It operates mainly online. The mission of this collection is to help and support domestic production and supply goods and products with the best quality and price. “Mohajir, complement your beauty pearls” Vision: This production group intends to seriously pursue its activity by planning and forming a professional sales team in small and large scale in the field of stores and obtaining representation.

    adress:iran – qom – 15 khordad st